The TeacherTeacher75 blog is a collection of ideas, lesson plans, website links and other useful information for early childhood educators and parents. I hope you find it useful! I’m all about sharing ideas, so if you want to share my stuff or some of your own, feel free!

Here’s my AboutMe link, which holds a collection of ALL my site links and information: http://about.me/SusanOnTheGo


I love working with children, especially preschool aged children. I also love using technology! I have  my own website that I tinker with pretty often. It is a collection of lesson plans I have created, as well as some videos I’ve made and others shared from YouTube, which would be useful to early childhood educators and parents. My website is:


I enjoy searching and sifting through early childhood websites and blogs. I also enjoy sharing important and relevant sites with people on my FaceBook page. Check it out, become a fan, and get my posts on FaceBook:

I am always open to learning more effective and fun ways to teach. Please leave your own posts, suggestions and ideas!

I also have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and wish to continue to get an Undergraduate degree soon.